Landscape Lighting

Quality Landscape Lighting Design Is Our Priority

A well-done landscape lighting design should highlight the beauty of your home and the surrounding landscape. Our designs employ various techniques to add texture and dimension to your home’s focal points day and night. Features like outdoor fountains, special wall designs, and memorials are all features we explore when creating a visual experience that highlights the beauty but does not draw too much attention in the landscape.   

Best Home Lighting


LED bulbs can save 30% or more on the energy needed to power your lighting system. Incandescent bulbs burn extremely hot and tend to only last a few years.  LED bulbs burn at a lower temperature and will last up to 60,000-70,000 hours.  Aqueous uses LED bulbs by Emery Allen that will provide years of beauty to your property.

Best Home Lighting

Landscape Lighting Install

Brad has been installing and designing lighting systems for over 20 years.  The installation techniques and materials used will ensure you can enjoy your lighting system for years to come.  Quality fixtures are a must, but Aqueous knows that a high-quality bulb is needed to ensure the full intent of the lighting design.  Aqueous uses bulbs by Emory Allen that will sustain the test of time.  We only use the highest quality fixtures and bulbs that will provide years of beauty to your home or business.  Give us a call, and we can come out and discuss your goals, desires and propose a lighting solution for your home that will focus on beauty and provide a level of safety during the hours of darkness.  Our no-obligation consultation will provide you with comfort, knowing you are getting the very best lighting system. 

Landscape Lighting System Maintenance and repairs

As seasons come and go, Mother Nature provides constant change to your property.  Allow us to provide service to your system that will ensure optimal performance as intended from the original design.  We take pride in focusing on high-quality repairs that ensure the longevity of your lighting system.  We can customize your service agreement to meet your needs, for example, annual or semi-annual service can be done.  We are insured and offer a safe and reliable service for your lighting system.

Maintenance Service Includes

  • Test and reset your transformer timer to your specification and change the battery if applicable.
  • Clean the glass lens of the fixture and ensure the adjusted angle is correct for the application.
  • Trim any shrub growth around the fixture to allow for proper illumination spread.
  • Check the electrical load on each lighting wire run, ensuring proper distribution of power from the transformer.
Deck Steps lighting

Visual Beauty & Safety

Brad has been designing and installing the highest-quality lighting for over 20 years. At Aqueous, our sole desire is to provide the highest quality low-voltage lighting, ensuring we provide the best visual presentation that gives functionality to your home. From the design, installation, service, and fixture retrofit, Aqueous will provide you with an environment you look forward to seeing each night. Lighting is a function that you see each night and not only creates visual beauty for your home but also provides a layer of safety. We believe in evening demonstrations and ensuring the clients are involved in the design process. The demonstration and the design consultation allow us to focus on the client's desires by creating an environment they can't wait to see each evening.